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SubjectRe: [TEGRA194_CPUFREQ Patch 2/3] cpufreq: Add Tegra194 cpufreq driver
On 04-12-19, 16:25, sumitg wrote:
> In T194, CCPLEX doesn't have access to set clocks and the
> clk_{get|set}_rate() functions set clocks by hook to BPMP R5.
> CPU freq can be directly set by CCPLEX using MSR(NVFREQ_REQ_EL1).
> As DVFS run's on BPMP, another MSR (NVFREQ_FEEDBACK_EL1) is
> used to read the counters and calculate "actual" cpu freq at CCPLEX.
> So, "cpuinfo_cur_freq" node gives the actual cpu frequency and not
> given by node "scaling_cur_freq".

Right, but why can't this be hidden in the CPU's clk driver instead,
so cpufreq driver can just do clk_get_rate() and clk_set_rate() ?

> >
> > - populating cpufreq table, you can probably add OPPs instead using
> > the same mechanism
> We are reading available frequencies from BPMP to populate
> cpufreq table and not using static opp table.

Right and lot of other platforms read it from firmware (I believe BBMP
is a firmware here), and create OPPs at runtime. Look at this for


and search for dev_pm_opp_add().


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