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SubjectRe: Why is CONFIG_VT forced on?
On 12/30/19 5:45 PM, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 12/30/19 6:59 PM, Randy Dunlap wrote:
>> #
>> # Character devices
>> #
>> # CONFIG_VT is not set
>> But first you must set/enable EXPERT. See the bool prompt.
> Wait, the if doesn't _disable_ the symbol? It disables _editability_ of the
> symbol, but the symbol can still be on (and displayed) when the if is false?

Yes, displayed but not edited.

> (Why would...)
> Ok. Thanks for pointing that out. Any idea why the menuconfig help text has no
> mention of this?

Hm, it's disappointing that EXPERT is not mentioned there somewhere,
when using menuconfig or nconfig.
When using xconfig, and selecting "Virtual terminal" VT, xconfig help does say:

type: bool
unknown property: symbol
dep: TTY && !UML
prompt: Virtual terminal
dep: TTY && !UML && EXPERT <<<<< so the prompt depends on EXPERT
select: INPUT
dep: TTY && !UML
default: y
dep: TTY && !UML


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