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SubjectRE: [PATCH] ASoC: da7219: remove SRM lock check retry

> Yes, that's right. I have put in a request with our HW team to again clarify
> timings, but still awaiting feedback.
> The driver already warns via the kernel logs when SRM lock fails as follows:
> dev_warn(component->dev, "SRM failed to lock\n");
> What else do you think is needed?

Hi Adam,

Let's say that the SRM locks in the second loop. The 50ms delay was applied
but there is no kernel log message about it because the value of srm_lock is
already true when exiting the loop. If we can print every SRM lock fail before
msleep() call, it would be a helpful for people resolving timing issues like Cold

do {
pll_status = snd_soc_component_read32(component, DA7219_PLL_SRM_STS);
if (pll_status & DA7219_PLL_SRM_STS_SRM_LOCK) {
} else {
dev_warn(component->dev, "SRM failed to lock, retry in 50ms\n");
} while (i < DA7219_SRM_CHECK_RETRIES);


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