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SubjectRE: [PATCH] ASoC: da7219: remove SRM lock check retry
On 03 December 2019 14:36, Brent Lu wrote:

> > But on platforms where they can enable the WCLK early they shouldn't be
> > looping around here for anything like 400ms. In an ideal world when that
> > widget is run SRM should hopefully be already locked but the code does
> > allow for some delay. Actually, having a long delay also helps show the user
> > that something isn't right here so I'm somewhat loathed to change this.
> >
> > Even if you do reduce the retry timings what you're still not protecting
> > against is the possibility of audio artefacts when SRM finally locks. You want
> > this to lock before the any of the audio path is up so I think we need to find a
> > way to resolve that rather than relying on getting lucky with a smooth power-
> > up.
> >
> Hi Adam,
> Thanks for the explanation. So the purpose of the code is providing some
> timing tolerance for SRM to lock? If so, I would suggest adding warning message
> for the lock fail so people have a clue if their design fails the CTS test. Hard to say
> if Google further reduces the Cold latency again in the future.

Yes, that's right. I have put in a request with our HW team to again clarify
timings, but still awaiting feedback.

The driver already warns via the kernel logs when SRM lock fails as follows:

dev_warn(component->dev, "SRM failed to lock\n");

What else do you think is needed?

> Regards,
> Brent

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