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SubjectRe: Null pointer crash at find_idlest_group on db845c w/ linus/master
On 03/12/2019 23:20, Valentin Schneider wrote:
> Looking at the code, I think I got it. In find_idlest_group() we do
> initialize 'idlest_sgs' (just like busiest_stat in LB) but 'idlest' is just
> NULL. The latter is dereferenced in update_pick_idlest() just for the misfit
> case, which goes boom. And I reviewed the damn thing... Bleh.
> Fixup looks easy enough, lemme write one up.

Wait no, that can't be right. We can only get in there if both 'group' and
'idlest' have the same group_type, which can't be true on the first pass.
So if we go through the misfit stuff, idlest *has* to be set to something.

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