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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/9] arm64: dts: realtek: Initial RTD1395 and BPi-M4 / Lion Skin support
Am 02.12.19 um 11:29 schrieb Andreas Färber:
> Andreas Färber (9):
> arm64: dts: realtek: rtd129x: Fix GIC CPU masks for RTD1293
> arm64: dts: realtek: rtd129x: Use reserved-memory for RPC regions
> arm64: dts: realtek: rtd129x: Introduce r-bus
> arm64: dts: realtek: rtd129x: Carve out boot ROM from memory
> arm64: dts: realtek: rtd16xx: Carve out boot ROM from memory
> dt-bindings: arm: realtek: Add RTD1395 and Banana Pi BPI-M4
> arm64: dts: realtek: Add RTD1395 and BPi-M4
> dt-bindings: arm: realtek: Add Realtek Lion Skin EVB
> arm64: dts: realtek: rtd1395: Add Realtek Lion Skin EVB

Applied to linux-realtek.git v5.6/dt:

with RTD16xx rebased onto RTD1395.


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