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SubjectRe: [PATCH RESEND] erofs: convert to use the new mount fs_context api
On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 11:50:16AM +0800, Gao Xiang wrote:
> Hi Al,
> Greeting, we plan to convert erofs to new mount api for 5.6
> and I just notice your branch
> do a lot further work on fs context (e.g. "get rid of ->enums",
> "remove fs_parameter_description name field" and switch to
> use XXXfc() instead of XXXf() with prefixed string).
> Does it plan for 5.6 as well? If yes, we will update this patch
> based on the latest branch and maybe have chance to go though
> your tree if it can?

FWIW, I would add the following to what you've already mentioned:

> > +static const struct fs_parameter_spec erofs_param_specs[] = {
> > + fsparam_flag("user_xattr", Opt_user_xattr),
> > + fsparam_flag("nouser_xattr", Opt_nouser_xattr),
> > + fsparam_flag("acl", Opt_acl),
> > + fsparam_flag("noacl", Opt_noacl),
better off as
fsparam_flag_no("user_xattr", Opt_user_xattr),
fsparam_flag_no("acl", Opt_acl),

> > + case Opt_user_xattr:
if (result.boolean)
set_opt(sbi, XATTR_USER);
clear_opt(sbi, XATTR_USER);
> > + break;
> > + default:
return -ENOPARAM;

BTW, what's the point of using invalf() in contexts where
the return value is ignored? Why not simply go for errorf()
(or errorfc(), for that matter)?

I do plan that branch (or an equivalent, as far as filesystems
are concerned - there might be a bit of additional rework in
the beginning + currently missing modifications of docs) for
5.6. So updated patch would be welcome - I can do that myself,
but if you can rebase it on top of that branch it would save

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