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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fs: inode: Recycle inodenum from volatile inode slabs
Amir Goldstein writes:
>> - bpffs
>> - configfs
>> - debugfs
>> - efivarfs
>> - hugetlbfs
>> - ramfs
>> - tmpfs
>I'm confused about this list.
>I suggested to convert tmpfs and hugetlbfs because they use a private
>inode cache pool, therefore, you can know for sure that a recycled i_ino
>was allocated by get_next_ino().

Oh, right. I mistakenly thought alloc_inode was somehow sb-specific and missed
that these don't have any super_operations->alloc_inode :-)

I'll reduce it just to those with this explicitly set.

>I'd go even further to say that introducing a generic helper for this sort
>of thing is asking for trouble. It is best to keep the recycle logic well within
>the bounds of the specific filesystem driver, which is the owner of the
>private inode cache and the responsible for allocating ino numbers in
>this pool.

Thanks, considering that alloc_inode isn't sb-dependent like I thought, that
definitely sounds reasonable. I'll do that and send v3 then.



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