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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm/page_owner: print largest memory consumer when OOM panic occurs
> Not sure if you have code that can share but I can't imagine there are many places that would have a single call site in the driver doing alloc_pages() over and over again. For example, there is only two alloc_pages() in intel-iommu.c with one is only in the cold path, so even if alloc_pgtable_page() one do leaking, it is still up to there air if your patch will catch it because it may not a single call site and it needs to leak significant amount of memory to be the greatest consumer where it is just not so realistic. 

That is what the patch does -- targeting on the memory leakage which causes an OOM kernel panic, so the greatest consumer information helps (the amount of leakage is big enough to cause an OOM kernel panic)

I've posted the number of real problems since 2019/5 I solved by this approach.

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