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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] rcu/tree: support kfree_bulk() interface in kfree_rcu()
Hello, Joel.

> Hi Uladzislau,
> Your patch is based on an older version of the kfree_rcu work. The latest
> version is in Paul's -dev branch. There is also additional work done in that
> branch as well "rcu: Add multiple in-flight batches of kfree_rcu() work" :
Ahh. I see there are some differences and my baseline is wrong. I will
double check and rebase on Paul's -dev branch.

> Could you rebase your patch on Paul's -dev branch? The branch also has an
> rcuperf patch for measuring memory footprint automatically (memory footprint
> value is printed by rcuperf). Although I'd say try to use the latest version
> of the rcuperf patch by reverting that and applying:
> . I can then add your
> Tested-by tag to any future postings of the patch for rcuperf as well!
I will do that and run all tests based on the latest code base.

Thanks for your comments.

Vlad Rezki

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