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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm/page_owner: print largest memory consumer when OOM panic occurs

> On Dec 24, 2019, at 1:45 AM, Miles Chen <> wrote:
> We use kmemleak too, but a memory leakage which is caused by
> alloc_pages() in a kernel device driver cannot be caught by kmemleak.
> We have fought against this kind of real problems for a few years and
> find a way to make the debugging easier.
> We currently have information during OOM: process Node, zone, swap,
> process (pid, rss, name), slab usage, and the backtrace, order, and
> gfp flags of the OOM backtrace.
> We can tell many different types of OOM problems by the information
> above except the alloc_pages() leakage.
> The patch does work and save a lot of debugging time.
> Could we consider the "greatest memory consumer" as another useful
> OOM information?

This is rather situational considering there are memory leaks here and there but it is not necessary that straightforward as a single place of greatest consumer.

The other question is why the offensive drivers that use alloc_pages() repeatedly without using any object allocator? Do you have examples of this in drivers that could happen?
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