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SubjectRe: 答复: 答复: 答复: [PATCH] iommu/ vt-d: Don't reject nvme host due to scope mismatch

On 2019/12/24 16:18, Jim,Yan wrote:
>>>> For both cases, a quirk flag seems to be more reasonable, so that
>>>> unrelated devices will not be impacted.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> baolu
>>> Hi Baolu,
>>> Thanks for your advice. And I modify the patch as follow.
>> I just posted a patch for both NTG and NVME cases. Can you please take a look?
>> Does it work for you?
>> Best regards,
>> baolu
> I have tested your patch. It does work for me. But I prefer my second version, it is more flexible, and may use for similar unknown devices.

I didn't get your point. Do you mind explaining why it's more flexible?

Best regards,

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