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SubjectRe: [PATCH] k3dma: Avoid null pointer traversal
On 18-12-19, 19:09, John Stultz wrote:
> In some cases we seem to submit two transactions in a row, which
> causes us to lose track of the first. If we then cancel the
> request, we may still get an interrupt, which traverses a null
> ds_run value.
> So try to avoid starting a new transaction if the ds_run value
> is set.
> While this patch avoids the null pointer crash, I've had some
> reports of the k3dma driver still getting confused, which
> suggests the ds_run/ds_done value handling still isn't quite
> right. However, I've not run into an issue recently with it
> so I think this patch is worth pushing upstream to avoid the
> crash.

Applied after adding dmaengine tag, thanks


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