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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET 0/9] perf: Improve cgroup profiling (v3)
On Mon, 23 Dec 2019, Namhyung Kim wrote:

> This work is to improve cgroup profiling in perf. Currently it only
> supports profiling tasks in a specific cgroup and there's no way to
> identify which cgroup the current sample belongs to. So I added
> PERF_SAMPLE_CGROUP to add cgroup id into each sample. It's a 64-bit
> integer having file handle of the cgroup. And kernel also generates
> PERF_RECORD_CGROUP event for new groups to correlate the cgroup id and
> cgroup name (path in the cgroup filesystem). The cgroup id can be
> read from userspace by name_to_handle_at() system call so it can
> synthesize the CGROUP event for existing groups.

so is there a patch to the manpage that describes this new behavior in


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