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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 1/6] x86,sched: Add support for frequency invariance
On 12/23/19 14:07, Qais Yousef wrote:
> > Re-boot to the nocgv1 (stock + cgroup_no_v1=all) kernel.
> > set the schedutil governor.
> > launch test 2 and related monitoring tools.
> > verify performance governor like behavior.
> So as stated above, by default uclamp_{min, max} = (0, 1024). So it wouldn't
> act as performance governor by default unless you explicitly write 1024 to
> uclamp.min.
> Let me go find Ubuntu mainline tree to see if they applied anything extra in
> there. If they modified the default behavior that could explain what you see.

Actually I see what you were saying now that you copy the config. So I think
I misunderstood and you are running Linus' 5.5-rc2 + Ubuntu PPA config.

I'm trying to to reproduce the issue at my end.


Qais Yousef

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