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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 1/1] genirq: Make threaded handler use irq affinity for managed interrupt
On 23/12/2019 10:47, Marc Zyngier wrote:
> On 2019-12-23 10:26, John Garry wrote:
>>>>> > I've also managed to trigger some of them now that I have access to
>>>>> > a decent box with nvme storage.
>>>>> I only have 2x NVMe SSDs when this occurs - I should not be hitting
>>>>> this...
>>>>> Out of curiosity, have you tried
>>>>> > with the SMMU disabled? I'm wondering whether we hit some livelock
>>>>> > condition on unmapping buffers...
>>>>> No, but I can give it a try. Doing that should lower the CPU usage,
>>>>> though,
>>>>> so maybe masks the issue - probably not.
>>>> Lots of CPU lockup can is performance issue if there isn't obvious bug.
>>>> I am wondering if you may explain it a bit why enabling SMMU may save
>>>> CPU a it?
>>> The other way around. mapping/unmapping IOVAs doesn't comes for free.
>>> I'm trying to find out whether the NVMe map/unmap patterns trigger
>>> something unexpected in the SMMU driver, but that's a very long shot.
>> So I tested v5.5-rc3 with and without the SMMU enabled, and without
>> the SMMU enabled I don't get the lockup.
> OK, so my hunch wasn't completely off... At least we have something
> to look into.
> [...]
>> Obviously this is not conclusive, especially with such limited
>> testing - 5 minute runs each. The CPU load goes up when disabling the
>> SMMU, but that could be attributed to extra throughput (1183K ->
>> 1539K) loading.
>> I do notice that since we complete the NVMe request in irq context,
>> we also do the DMA unmap, i.e. talk to the SMMU, in the same context,
>> which is less than ideal.
> It depends on how much overhead invalidating the TLB adds to the
> equation, but we should be able to do some tracing and find out.

ok, but let's remember that x86 iommu uses non-strict unmapping by
default, and they also see this issue.

>> I need to finish for the Christmas break today, so can't check this
>> much further ATM.
> No worries. May I suggest creating a new thread in the new year, maybe
> involving Robin and Will as well?

Can do, but would be good to know how x86 fairs and the IOMMU config
used for testing also when the lockup occurs.


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