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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/8] Convert the intel iommu driver to the dma-iommu api
On Sat, 21 Dec 2019, Tom Murphy <> wrote:
> This patchset converts the intel iommu driver to the dma-iommu api.
> While converting the driver I exposed a bug in the intel i915 driver
> which causes a huge amount of artifacts on the screen of my
> laptop. You can see a picture of it here:
> This issue is most likely in the i915 driver and is most likely caused
> by the driver not respecting the return value of the
> dma_map_ops::map_sg function. You can see the driver ignoring the
> return value here:
> Previously this didn’t cause issues because the intel map_sg always
> returned the same number of elements as the input scatter gather list
> but with the change to this dma-iommu api this is no longer the
> case. I wasn’t able to track the bug down to a specific line of code
> unfortunately.
> Could someone from the intel team look at this?

Let me get this straight. There is current API that on success always
returns the same number of elements as the input scatter gather
list. You propose to change the API so that this is no longer the case?

A quick check of various dma_map_sg() calls in the kernel seems to
indicate checking for 0 for errors and then ignoring the non-zero return
is a common pattern. Are you sure it's okay to make the change you're

Anyway, due to the time of year and all, I'd like to ask you to file a
bug against i915 at [1] so this is not forgotten, and please let's not
merge the changes before this is resolved.



Jani Nikula, Intel Open Source Graphics Center

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