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Subject[5.3 Regression] x86/ioapic change causes suspend problem
Over the past few weeks I've been experiencing problems with 
suspend/hybrid sleep on my laptop (a Clevo N240BU, Intel Core
i7-7500U).  Instead of the suspend process completing normally, the
computer hangs with a blank screen and the CPU fan spinning above idle. 
I have to forcibly power off the computer to get it to turn off.  If I
invoke hybrid sleep, the hibernation image is intact and I am able to
resume from that after powering the computer back on.

I bisected the issue, and traced it to commit
dfe0cf8b51b07e56ded571e3de0a4a9382517231.  Before that commit, suspend
works reliably, but afterward it hangs most of the time.  I verified
that the problem still exists in version 5.4.5, but have not tested the
latest master.

If there is any more information that would be useful or if I can help
to resolve this issue in any way, please let me know.


Daniel Harding

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