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SubjectRe: [RFC 00/25] arm64: realtek: Add Xnano X5 and implement TM1628/FD628/AiP1618 LED controllers

> This patch series implements the LED controllers found in some RTD1295 based
> TV set-top boxes.
> Ever since I've had mainline Linux kernels booting on my Zidoo X9S TV box,
> it's been bugging me that it kept displaying "boot" on its front display.
> A hot lead was a TM1628 chip on the front display's daughterboard, which
> English and Chinese datasheets were available for. The biggest
> hurdle

Fun :-).

> It goes on to add a "text" attribute to the driver that enables DT-configured
> seven-segment displays; I was expecting to find precedence in auxdisplay
> subsystem but came up empty. So my driver currently integrates its own
> generic (but incomplete) character-to-8-segments mapping, as well as in a
> second step a combined-characters-to-8-segments mapping, which then gets
> mapped to the chipset's available output lines. Doing this as sysfs
> device

I did not investigate this in great detail; but if it is displaying
characters, auxdisplay is probably right subsystem to handle that. I
guess LEDs can still take the low-level parts...

Oh, and common dimming for many LEDs is seen on other hardware, too
(Turris routers). Not sure how to handle that, either :-(.

Best regards,

(cesky, pictures)
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