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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC v2 3/3] io_uring: batch get(ctx->ref) across submits
On 21/12/2019 19:38, Jens Axboe wrote:
> On 12/21/19 9:20 AM, Pavel Begunkov wrote:
>> On 21/12/2019 19:15, Pavel Begunkov wrote:
>>> Double account ctx->refs keeping number of taken refs in ctx. As
>>> io_uring gets per-request ctx->refs during submission, while holding
>>> ctx->uring_lock, this allows in most of the time to bypass
>>> percpu_ref_get*() and its overhead.
>> Jens, could you please benchmark with this one? Especially for offloaded QD1
>> case. I haven't got any difference for nops test and don't have a decent SSD
>> at hands to test it myself. We could drop it, if there is no benefit.
>> This rewrites that @extra_refs from the second one, so I left it for now.
> Sure, let me run a peak test, qd1 test, qd1+sqpoll test on
> for-5.6/io_uring, same branch with 1-2, and same branch with 1-3. That
> should give us a good comparison. One core used for all, and we're going
> to be core speed bound for the performance in all cases on this setup.
> So it'll be a good comparison.
Great, thanks!

Pavel Begunkov

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