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Subjectfilesystem being remounted supports timestamps until 2038

I noticed the following messages in my dmesg:

xfs filesystem being remounted at /mnt/disk supports imestamps until 2038 (0x7fffffff)

These messages get printed over and over again because /mnt/disk is
usually a read-only mount that is remounted (rw) a couple of times a day
for backup purposes.

I see that these messages have been introduced with f8b92ba67c5d ("mount:
Add mount warning for impending timestamp expiry") resp. 0ecee6699064
("fix use-after-free of mount in mnt_warn_timestamp_expiry()") and I was
wondering if there is any chance to either adjust this to pr_debug (but
then it would still show up in dmesg, right?) or to only warn once when
it's mounted, but not on re-mount?

BOFH excuse #83:

Support staff hung over, send aspirin and come back LATER.

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