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Subjectre: net: stmmac: Add basic EST support for GMAC5+

Static analysis with Coverity has detected a potential issue with the
following commit:

commit 504723af0d85434be5fb6f2dde0b62644a7f1ead
Author: Jose Abreu <>
Date: Wed Dec 18 11:33:05 2019 +0100

net: stmmac: Add basic EST support for GMAC5+

In function dwmac5_est_configure() we have a u64 total_ctr being
assigned as follows:

total_ctr = cfg->ctr[0] + cfg->ctr[1] * 1000000000;

The cfg->ctr[1] is a u32, the multiplication of cfg->ctr[1] is a u32
multiplication operation, so multiplying by 1000000000 can potentially
cause an overflow. Either cfg->ctr[1] needs to be cast to a u64 or
1000000000 should be at least a 1000000000UL to avoid this overflow. I
was going to fix this but on further inspection I was not sure if the
original code was intended as:

total_ctr = cfg->ctr[0] + cfg->ctr[1] * 1000000000UL;
total_ctr = (cfg->ctr[0] + cfg->ctr[1]) * 1000000000UL;

..hence I'm flagging this up as potential error.


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