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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] PM: CONFIG_SUSPEND_SKIP_SYNC sets default for, '/sys/power/sync_on_suspend'
Hey Rafael,

Rafael J. Wysocki:
> On Monday, December 2, 2019 6:07:43 PM CET Jonas Meurer wrote:
>> Slightly change the behaviour of build-time switch CONFIG_SUSPEND_SKIP_SYNC:
>> Make it configure the default for '/sys/power/sync_on_suspend', now that we
>> have a run-time switch for it.
>> [...]
> I don't see much value in splitting the changes into two patches.
> On the contrary, this patch is a logical part of the full change, so IMO
> it should be folded into the [1/2].
> Please do so and resubmit.

Thanks for looking into the patch!

I resubmitted it now as a single patch:

[PATCH v2] PM: Add a switch for disabling/enabling sync() before suspend

Kind regards

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