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SubjectCompensation for your effort
Dear Friend,

How are you I hope you are very fine with your entire family? If so
glory be to Almighty God.
I'm happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds
transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from GREECE,
Presently i'm in GREECE for a better treatment and building of the
orphanage home projects with the total money.

Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me
in transferring those funds and use it for the building of the
orphanage home and helping the less privilege.

Please contact my nurse in Burkina Faso, her name is Mrs. Manal Yusuf
, ask her to send you the compensation of $600,000.00USD which i have
credited with the ECOBANK bank into an ATM card before i traveled for
my treatment, you will indicate your contact as my else's business
associate that tried to help me, but it could not work out for us, and
I appreciated your good efforts at that time very much. so feel free
and get in touched with the nurse Mrs. Manal Yusuf (email: ) and instruct her the address where to send
the ATM card to you.

Please i am in the hospital here, i would not have much time to check
emails or respond to you, but in case you have any important message
do send me as an update, i might instruct the doctor to check it and
respond to you, meanwhile, once you received the ATM CARD, do not
delay to inform me.

Finally, remember that I had forwarded an instruction to the nurse on
your behalf to deliver the ATM card to you, so feel free to get in
touch with her by email she will send the ATM card to you without any

Thank you and God bless you.

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