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SubjectRe: [net-next v4 PATCH] page_pool: handle page recycle for NUMA_NO_NODE condition
On Wed 18-12-19 09:01:35, Jesper Dangaard Brouer wrote:
> For the NUMA_NO_NODE case, when a NIC IRQ is moved to another NUMA
> node, then ptr_ring will be emptied in 65 (PP_ALLOC_CACHE_REFILL+1)
> chunks per allocation and allocation fall-through to the real
> page-allocator with the new nid derived from numa_mem_id(). We accept
> that transitioning the alloc cache doesn't happen immediately.

Could you explain what is the expected semantic of NUMA_NO_NODE in this
case? Does it imply always the preferred locality? See my other email[1] to
this matter.

Michal Hocko

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