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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] kvm/book3s_64: Fixes crash caused by not cleaning vhost IOTLB

On 19/12/2019 10:28, Leonardo Bras wrote:
> On Wed, 2019-12-18 at 15:53 +1100, Alexey Kardashevskiy wrote:
>> H_STUFF_TCE is always called with 0. Well, may be some AIX somewhere
>> calls it with a value other than zero, and I probably saw some other
>> value somewhere but in QEMU/KVM case it is 0 so you effectively disable
>> in-kernel acceleration of H_STUFF_TCE which is
>> undesirable.
> Thanks for the feedback!
>> For now we should disable in-kernel H_STUFF_TCE/... handlers in QEMU
>> just like we do for VFIO for older host kernels:
> I am still reading into this temporary solution, I could still not
> understand how it works.
>> I am not sure what a proper solution would be, something like an eventfd
>> and KVM's kvmppc_h_stuff_tce() signaling vhost that the latter needs to
>> invalidate iotlbs. Or we can just say that we do not allow KVM
>> acceleration if there is vhost+iommu on the same liobn (== vPHB, pretty
>> much). Thanks,
> I am not used to eventfd, but i agree it's a valid solution to talk to
> QEMU and then use it to send a message via /dev/vhost.
> KVM -> QEMU -> vhost
> But I can't get my mind out of another solution: doing it in
> kernelspace. I am not sure how that would work, though.
> If I could understand correctly, there is a vhost IOTLB per vhost_dev,
> and H_STUFF_TCE is not called in 64-bit DMA case (for tce_value == 0
> case, at least), which makes sense, given it doesn't need to invalidate
> entries on IOTLB.
> So, we would need to somehow replace `return H_TOO_HARD` in this patch
> with code that could call vhost_process_iotlb_msg() with
> For that, I would need to know what are the vhost_dev's of that
> process, which I don't know if it's possible to do currently (or safe
> at all).
> I am thinking of linking all vhost_dev's with a list (list.h) that
> could be searched, comparing `mm_struct *` of the calling task with all
> vhost_dev's, and removing the entry of all IOTLB that hits.
> Not sure if that's the best approach to find the related vhost_dev's.
> What do you think?

As discussed in slack, we need to do the same thing we do with physical
devices when we invalidate hardware IOMMU translation caches via
tbl->it_ops->tce_kill. The problem to solve now is how we tell KVM/PPC
about vhost/iotlb (is there an fd?), something similar to the existing
KVM_DEV_VFIO_GROUP_SET_SPAPR_TCE. I guess x86 handles all the mappings
in QEMU and therefore they do not have this problem. Thanks,


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