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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/4] docs/zh_CN: add translator info for embargoed-hardware-issues

在 2019/12/20 上午1:05, Jonathan Corbet 写道:
> Alex Shi <> wrote:
>> Let the people know where to complain... ;)
> So I'd like to apply all of these changes; they look fine to me given that
> I don't read Chinese...:) But I do have a couple of requests:
> - Please combine the changes into a single patch; adding the translated
> file, putting it into the toctree, and adding translator credit are all
> a single action, in the end. There is no reason to split them apart.
> - Changelogs like the above are not particularly helpful; please provide
> changelogs in the usual kernel style describing what was done and why.

Thanks for quick response, Jon!

I will modified all yesterday patches according to your suggestion and Cc to more Chinese as reviewer.


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