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Subjectre: iwlwifi: refactor the SAR tables from mvm to acpi

Static analysis with Coverity has detected a potential issue with the
following commit:

commit 39c1a9728f938c7255ce507c8d56b73e8a4ebddf
Author: Ihab Zhaika <>
Date: Fri Nov 15 09:28:11 2019 +0200

iwlwifi: refactor the SAR tables from mvm to acpi

in function iwl_sar_get_ewrd_table() we have an array index pos being
initialized to 3 and then incremented each time a loop iterates:

for (i = 0; i < n_profiles; i++) {
/* the tables start at element 3 */
int pos = 3;

/* The EWRD profiles officially go from 2 to 4, but we
* save them in sar_profiles[1-3] (because we don't
* have profile 0). So in the array we start from 1.
ret = iwl_sar_set_profile(&wifi_pkg->package.elements[pos],
&fwrt->sar_profiles[i + 1],
if (ret < 0)

/* go to the next table */

So, each iteration is always accessing package.elements[3]. I'm not sure
if that is intentional. If it is, then the increment of pos is not
required. Either way, it's not clear what the original intention is.


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