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Subject[ANNOUNCE] 4.19.90-rt35

Dear RT Folks,

I'm pleased to announce the 4.19.90-rt35 stable release.

This release is just an update to the new stable 4.19.90 version
and no RT specific changes have been made.

Note, I had to revert 64694b276d74 from stable 4.19 (which was upstream
commit 7faa313f05c) because it depended on commit 396244692232 which
was not added until 5.0, and this broke arm64.


You can get this release via the git tree at:


branch: v4.19-rt
Head SHA1: 5e45a0ea52bc99c515828b0ef501cb320a17f383

Or to build 4.19.90-rt35 directly, the following patches should be applied:


-- Steve

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