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SubjectRe: [PATCH] move_pages.2: not return ENOENT if the page are already on the target nodes
On 12/13/19 5:55 PM, Michael Kerrisk (man-pages) wrote:
>>> whoa, hold on. If I'm reading through the various error paths
>>> correctly, then this
>>> code is *never* going to return ENOENT for the whole function. It can
>>> fill in that
>>> value per-page, in the status array, but that's all. Did I get that
>>> right?
>> Nice catch. Yes, you are right.
>>> If so, we need to redo this part of the man page.
>> Yes.
> So where are things at with this? Is an improved man-pages
> patch on the way, or is some other action (on the API) planned?

I was waiting to see if Yang was going to respond...anyway, I think
we're looking at approximately this sort of change:

diff --git a/man2/move_pages.2 b/man2/move_pages.2
index 2d96468fa..1bf1053f2 100644
--- a/man2/move_pages.2
+++ b/man2/move_pages.2
@@ -191,12 +191,6 @@ was specified or an attempt was made to migrate pages of a kernel thread.
One of the target nodes is not online.
-No pages were found that require moving.
-All pages are either already
-on the target node, not present, had an invalid address or could not be
-moved because they were mapped by multiple processes.
The caller specified
...But I'm not sure if we should change the implementation, instead, so
that it *can* return ENOENT. That's the main question to resolve before
creating any more patches, I think.

In addition, Michal mentioned that the page states in the status array also
need updated documentation.

John Hubbard

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