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SubjectRe: [PATCH] EDAC/mc: Fix use-after-free and memleaks during device removal
On 18/12/2019 06:22, Robert Richter wrote:
> A test kernel with the options set below revealed several issues when
> removing a mci device:
> Issues seen:
> 1) Use-after-free:
> On 27.11.19 17:07:33, John Garry wrote:
>> [ 22.104498] BUG: KASAN: use-after-free in
>> edac_remove_sysfs_mci_device+0x148/0x180
> The use-after-free is triggered in edac_remove_sysfs_mci_device(). It
> became an issue with commit c498afaf7df8 ("EDAC: Introduce an
> mci_for_each_dimm() iterator").
> The reason for it is that device_unregister(&dimm->dev) not only
> removes the sysfs entry, it also frees the dimm struct in
> dimm_attr_release(). When incrementing the loop in
> mci_for_each_dimm(), the dimm struct is accessed again by the loop
> iterator which causes the use-after-free.
> In function edac_remove_sysfs_mci_device() all the mci device's
> subsequent dimm and csrow objects are removed. When unregistering from
> sysfs, instead of removing that data it should be kept until it is
> removed together with the mci device. This keeps the data structures
> intact and the mci device can be fully used until it will be removed.
> 2) Memory leaks:
> Following memory leaks have been detected:
> # grep edac /sys/kernel/debug/kmemleak | sort | uniq -c
> 1 [<000000003c0f58f9>] edac_mc_alloc+0x3bc/0x9d0 # mci->csrows
> 16 [<00000000bb932dc0>] edac_mc_alloc+0x49c/0x9d0 # csr->channels
> 16 [<00000000e2734dba>] edac_mc_alloc+0x518/0x9d0 # csr->channels[chn]
> 1 [<00000000eb040168>] edac_mc_alloc+0x5c8/0x9d0 # mci->dimms
> 34 [<00000000ef737c29>] ghes_edac_register+0x1c8/0x3f8 # see edac_mc_alloc()
> There are two implementions for device removal in the driver. One is
> used before edac_mc_add_mc(), the other afterwards after the device
> had been registered in sysfs. The later lacks the removal of some data
> allocated in edac_mc_alloc(). All the above issues are fixed as
> follows:
> Unify release code in a single mci_release() function and use this one
> together with put_device() to release the struct mci once there are no
> users. Free all subsequent data structures of the children devices in
> that release function too. An effect of this is that no data is freed
> in edac_mc_sysfs.c (except the "mc" sysfs root node). All sysfs
> entries have the mci device as a parent, so its refcount will keep the
> struct from being removed as long as sysfs entries exist. Before
> freeing struct mci, all sysfs entries are removed now in edac_remove_
> sysfs_mci_device(). With the changes made the mci_for_each_dimm() loop
> is now save to remove dimm devices from sysfs.
> The patch has been tested with the above kernel options, no issues
> seen any longer.
> This patch should be marked as stable.

Not sure why you haven't...

> Reported-by: John Garry <>

The splats and leaks have disappeared for when booting my arm64 machine:
Tested-by: John Garry <>


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