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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] hwmon: Driver for temperature sensors on SATA drives


> This driver solves this problem by adding support for reading the
> temperature of SATA drives from the kernel using the hwmon API and
> by adding a temperature zone for each drive.

My working tree is available here:

A few notes:

- Before applying your patch I did s/satatemp/drivetemp/

- I get a crash in the driver core during probe if the drivetemp module
is loaded prior to loading ahci or a SCSI HBA driver. This crash is
unrelated to my changes. Haven't had time to debug.

- I tweaked your ATA detection heuristics and now use the cached VPD
page 0x89 instead of fetching one from the device.

- I also added support for reading the temperature log page on SCSI

- Tested with a mixed bag of about 40 SCSI and SATA drives attached.

- I still think sensor naming needs work. How and where are the
"drivetemp-scsi-8-140" names generated?

I'll tinker some more but thought I'd share what I have for now.

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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