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SubjectRe: [PATCH] NTB: ntb_perf: Add more debugfs entries for ntb_perf

On 2019-12-16 7:42 p.m., Jiasen Lin wrote:
> Currently, read input and output buffer is not supported yet in
> debugfs of ntb_perf. We can not confirm whether the output data is
> transmitted to the input buffer at peer memory through NTB.
> This patch add new entries in debugfs which implement interface to read
> a part of input and out buffer. User can dump output and input data at
> local and peer system by hexdump command, and then compare them manually.

Do we even initialize inbuf and outbuf? Probably not a good idea to
expose them to userspace if it's not initialized.

Really, ntb_tool should be used to check if memory windows work,
ntb_perf is just to see the maximum transfer rate.


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