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SubjectRe: [PATCH] vfs: Adjust indentation in remap_verify_area
On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 08:23:51PM -0700, Nathan Chancellor wrote:
> Clang warns:
> ../fs/read_write.c:1760:3: warning: misleading indentation; statement is
> not part of the previous 'if' [-Wmisleading-indentation]
> if (unlikely((loff_t) (pos + len) < 0))
> ^
> ../fs/read_write.c:1757:2: note: previous statement is here
> if (unlikely(pos < 0 || len < 0))
> ^
> 1 warning generated.
> This warning occurs because there is a space after the tab on this line.
> Remove it so that the indentation is consistent with the Linux kernel
> coding style and clang no longer warns.
> Fixes: 04b38d601239 ("vfs: pull btrfs clone API to vfs layer")
> Link:
> Signed-off-by: Nathan Chancellor <>

Egads... This commit message is way, way over the top.

1) the warning is more obscure than the problem it points to.

2) simple "statement accidentally indented one column too deep"
would do just fine

3) crediting the tool is generally a good idea, but in situation
when the quality of warning is that low you'd be better paraphrasing
it and mentioning the tool that has pointed it out. No need to quote
the verbiage.

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