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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] scsi: ufs: Put SCSI host after remove it
On 12/15/19 7:12 PM, wrote:
> Sure, I will add the Fixes tag and rebase my changes. How about the logic
> part of this change? Does it look good to you?

Hi Can,

You may want to ask someone who is more familiar with the UFS driver
than I to have a look. I'm not a UFS expert ...

> Sorry I was not aware of that your changes have been applied to
> 5.6/scsi-queue.
> I am still trying to get it tested on my setups...
> Anyways, aside of hba->cmd_queue, tearing down hba->tmf_queue before
> scsi_remove_host() may be problem too. Requests can still be
> sent before and during scsi_remove_host(). If a request timed out,
> task abort will be invoked to abort the request, during which
> hba->tmf_queue is expected to be present. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I agree that the code I added in ufshcd_remove() probably needs to be
moved somewhere below the scsi_remove_host() call.



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