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Subject[PATCH v2 0/4] irqchip/meson-gpio: Add support for Meson-A1 SoC
This patchset adds support for GPIO interrupt controller of Meson-A1 SoC
which use new register layout, two main things are done in the patchset
1. rework current driver
2. add a1 support

changes since v1 at [0]
- place initial macro after the definition of param structure
- make common data as parameter of initial macro
- add dummy init function for previous chips


Qianggui Song (4):
dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: New binding for Meson-A1 SoCs
irqchip/meson-gpio: rework meson irqchip driver to support meson-A1
irqchip/meson-gpio: Add support for meson a1 SoCs
arm64: dts: meson: a1: add gpio interrupt controller support

.../amlogic,meson-gpio-intc.txt | 1 +
arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/meson-a1.dtsi | 9 ++
drivers/irqchip/irq-meson-gpio.c | 137 ++++++++++++++----
3 files changed, 122 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)


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