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SubjectDenverton decoding: BIOS performance setting

not sure if this is a bit off topic, but I hope to get some answers ...

I looked to the Apollo lake pnd2_edac.c  code, my understandig is, that
this is the same as for denverton.
but in our BIOS is see one point in the memory settings called
"Performance profile"
Selectable is "17_9_13_18", "17_19_6_18" or "17_19_6_7"
This setting seems to be realated to the DMAP table... but for APL there
are just the "standard" configs visible.

Does anybody know if these DMAP settings are different in Denverton vs.
Apollo lake, and how these are decoded in the PND2_edac.c cource code ?
at least I have not found any hint on this performance setting in the

Thanks a lot


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