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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 8/8] x86, mm, gup: prevent get_page() race with munmap in paravirt guest

On 16/12/19, 9:38 PM, "Vitaly Kuznetsov" <> wrote:

> (I also dislike receiving only this patch of the series, next time
> please send the whole thing, it's only 8 patches, our mailfolders will
> survive that)

Thanks for pointing this, I will take care.

> I'm not sure which stable kernel you're targeting (and if you addressed this
> with other patches in the series, if this is needed,...) so JFYI.

This series is for 4.4.y, please refer following link for complete series:

Yes, this 'Patch v3 8/8' could be merged separately, if it's unsafe to merge at this movement.

- Ajay

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