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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/2] IMA: Call workqueue functions to measure queued keys
On 12/16/2019 1:37 PM, Lakshmi Ramasubramanian wrote:
> On 12/16/2019 1:17 PM, James Bottomley wrote:
>> On Mon, 2019-12-16 at 11:20 -0800, Lakshmi Ramasubramanian wrote:
>>>    => If the flag is false, mutex is taken and the flag is checked
>>> again. If the flag changed from false to true between the above two
>>> tests, that means another thread had raced to call
>>> ima_process_queued_keys() and has  processed the queued keys. So
>>> again, no further action is required.
>> This is the problem: in the race case you may still be adding keys to
>> the queue after the other thread has processed it. Those keys won't get
>> processed because the flag is now false in the post check so the
>> current thread won't process them either.
>> James

Please keep in mind that ima_queue_key() returns a boolean indicating
whether or not the key was queued. This flag is set inside the lock -
please see the code snippet from ima_queue_key() below:

+ mutex_lock(&ima_keys_mutex);
+ if (!ima_process_keys) {
+ list_add_tail(&entry->list, &ima_keys);
+ queued = true;
+ }
+ mutex_unlock(&ima_keys_mutex);

If ima_process_keys had changed from false to true, ima_queue_key() will
not queue the key and return false to ima_post_key_create_or_update().

Code snippet in ima_post_key_create_or_update():

+ if (!ima_process_keys)
+ queued = ima_queue_key(keyring, payload, payload_len);
+ if (queued)
+ return;

If the "queued" is false, ima_post_key_create_or_update() will process
the key immediately.


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