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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4.19 153/306] block: fix the DISCARD request merge (4.19.87+ crash)
On 16.12.2019 08:42, Jack Wang wrote:
> Andre Tomt <> 于2019年12月14日周六 下午3:24写道:
>> 4.19.87, 4.19.88, 4.19.89 all lock up frequently on some of my systems.
>> The same systems run 5.4.3 fine, so the newer trees are probably OK.
>> Reverting this commit on top of 4.19.87 makes everything stable.
>> To trigger it all I have to do is re-rsyncing a directory tree with some
>> changed files churn, it will usually crash in 10 to 30 minutes.
>> The systems crashing has ext4 filesystem on a two ssd md raid1 mounted
>> with the mount option discard. If mounting it without discard, the
>> crashes no longer seem to occur.
>> No oops/panic made it to the ipmi console. I suspect the console is just
>> misbehaving and it didnt really livelock. At one point one line of the
>> crash made it to the console (kernel BUG at block/blk-core.c:1776), and
>> it was enough to pinpoint this commit. Note that the line number might
>> be off, as I was attempting a bisect at the time.
>> This commit also made it to 4.14.x, but I have not tested it.
> Hi Andre,
> I noticed one fix is missing for discard merge in 4.19.y
> 2a5cf35cd6c5 ("block: fix single range discard merge")
> Can you try if it helps? just "git cherry-pick 2a5cf35cd6c5"

Indeed, adding this commit on top a clean 4.19.89 fixes the issue. So
far survived about an hour of rsyncing file churn.

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