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SubjectRe: [PATCH][v2] page_pool: handle page recycle for NUMA_NO_NODE condition
On 2019/12/13 16:48, Jesper Dangaard Brouer wrote:> You are basically saying that the NUMA check should be moved to
> allocation time, as it is running the RX-CPU (NAPI). And eventually
> after some time the pages will come from correct NUMA node.
> I think we can do that, and only affect the semi-fast-path.
> We just need to handle that pages in the ptr_ring that are recycled can
> be from the wrong NUMA node. In __page_pool_get_cached() when
> consuming pages from the ptr_ring (__ptr_ring_consume_batched), then we
> can evict pages from wrong NUMA node.

Yes, that's workable.

> For the pool->alloc.cache we either accept, that it will eventually
> after some time be emptied (it is only in a 100% XDP_DROP workload that
> it will continue to reuse same pages). Or we simply clear the
> pool->alloc.cache when calling page_pool_update_nid().

Simply clearing the pool->alloc.cache when calling page_pool_update_nid()
seems better.


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