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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 2/2] bluetooth: hci_bcm: enable IRQ capability from devicetree
Guillaume La Roque <> writes:

> Actually IRQ can be found from GPIO but all platforms don't support
> gpiod_to_irq, it's the case on amlogic chip.
> so to have possibility to use interrupt mode we need to add interrupts
> property in devicetree and support it in driver.

I would reword this slightly (leaving out the amlogic specifics):

Add support for getting IRQ directly from DT instead of relying on
converting a GPIO to IRQ. This is needed for platforms with GPIO
controllers that that do not support gpiod_to_irq().

Other than that, this looks good to me and now it's clear that it only
affects the DT path.

Reviewed-by: Kevin Hilman <>


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