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SubjectRe: WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 1 at flush work.isra.47+0x22c/0x248
On Thursday, December 12, 2019 12:09:21 AM CET, Vicente Bergas wrote:
> Hi,
> since v5.5-rc1 four equal consecutive traces appeared that seem related to
> rockchip sound. As i wasn't sure to whom sent the report just added
> everybody from
> ./scripts/ sound/soc/rockchip/rk3399_gru_sound.c
> which is the file containg one of the functions in the trace.
> By the way, sound works fine. After all traces, there is this message that
> could also be related:
> [ 0.625354] da7219 8-001a: Using default DAI clk names:
> da7219-dai-wclk, da7219-dai-bclk
> Regards,
> Vicente.

Please, ignore this email. The issue has already been solved with


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