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SubjectRE: [PATCH v10 6/6] x86/split_lock: Enable split lock detection by kernel parameter
From: Andy Lutomirski
> Sent: 12 December 2019 16:02
> MFENCE also implies LFENCE, and LFENCE is fairly slow despite having no architectural semantics other than blocking speculative
> execution. AFAICT, in the absence of side channels timing oddities, there is no code whatsoever that would be correct with LFENCE
> but incorrect without it. “Serialization” is, to some extent, a weaker example of this — MOV to CR2 is *much* slower than MFENCE or
> LOCK despite the fact that, as far as the memory model is concerned, it doesn’t do a whole lot more.

IIRC LFENCE does affect things when you are mixing non-temporal and/or write-combining
memory accesses.

I also thought there was a case where you needed to stop the speculative reads.
But can't remember why.


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