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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] [PATCH v5 00/11] soundwire: update ASoC interfaces
On 12/11/19 9:49 PM, Vinod Koul wrote:
> On 11-12-19, 19:44, Pierre-Louis Bossart wrote:
>> We need new fields in existing structures to
>> a) deal with race conditions on codec probe/enumeration
>> b) allow for multi-step ACPI scan/probe/startup on Intel plaforms
>> c) deal with MSI issues using a single handler/threads for all audio
>> interrupts
>> d) deal with access to registers shared across multiple links on Intel
>> platforms
>> These structures for a) will be used by the SOF driver as well as
>> codec drivers. The b) c) and d) cases are only for the Intel-specific
>> implementation.
>> To avoid conflicts between ASoC and Soundwire trees, these 11 patches
>> are provided out-of-order, before the functionality enabled in these
>> header files is added in follow-up patch series which can be applied
>> separately in the ASoC and Soundwire trees. As discussed earlier,
>> Vinod would need to provide an immutable tag for Mark Brown, and the
>> integration on the ASoC side of SOF changes and new codecs drivers can
>> proceed in parallel with SoundWire core changes.
>> I had multiple offline discussions with Vinod/Mark/Takashi on how to
>> proceed withe volume of SoundWire changes. Now that v5.5-rc1 is out we
>> should go ahead with these interface changes.
>> The next patchset "[PATCH v3 00/15] soundwire: intel: implement new
>> ASoC interfaces​" can still be reviewed but will not apply as is due to
>> a one-line conflict. An update will be provided when Vinod applies
>> this series to avoid noise on mailing lists.
>> An update for the series "[PATCH v3 00/22] soundwire: code hardening
>> and suspend-resume support" is ready but will be provided when both
>> the interfaces changes and the implementation changes are merged.
> Applied, thanks
> I will send the tag tomorrow after it is in next

Thanks Vinod, I will repost the following series tonight.

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