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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 11/19] x86/cpu: Print VMX flags in /proc/cpuinfo using VMX_FEATURES_*
On 12/12/19 13:26, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> vmx flags : virtual_nmis preemption_timer invvpid ept_x_only ept_ad ept_1gb flexpriority tsc_offsetting virtual_tpr mtf virt_apic_accesses ept vpid unrestricted_guest ple shadow_vmcs pml mode_based_ept_exec
> virtual_nmis -> vnmis

Even vnmi

> preemption_timer -> preempt_tmr

I would prefer the full one here.

> flexpriority -> flexprio

Full name?

> tsc_offsetting -> tsc_ofs


> virtual_tpr -> vtpr

Do we need this? It's usually included together with flexpriority.

> virt_apic_accesses -> vapic


> unrestricted_guest -> unres_guest

Full? Or just unrestricted

In general I would stick to the same names as kvm_intel module
parameters (sans "enable_" if applicable) and not even bother publishing
the others. Some features are either not used by KVM or available on
all VMX processors.


> and so on. Those are just my examples - I betcha the SDM is more
> creative here with abbreviations. But you guys are going to grep for
> them. If it were me, I'd save on typing. :-)

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