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SubjectLink: documentation seems to be misplaced

It seems that the documentation for the Link: attribute in commit
messages is misplaced in the Documentation/ subtree.

There are two workflows:

1) maintainer committing external patches that have come from a
mailing list.

2) maintainer committing local patches that have been discussed on
a mailing list.

While the current documentation seems to target initial setup for
new people becoming maintainers, but it is way less obvious for
existing maintainers or for case 2 - I came across this because I
wanted to add a Link: tag for a discussion on a patch I'd posted,
and could find nothing to describe it. My grep for it failed:

grep Link: Documentation/*/*ubmitting*

Surely, the format of the Link: tag should be documented in the
submitting-patches document with all the other attributations that
we define in a commit message, with a reference to that from
Documentation/maintainer/configure-git.rst ?

Thanks to Jiri Kosina for pointing out that it is in configure-git.rst.

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