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SubjectRe: ppc64el kernel access of bad area (ext4_htree_store_dirent->rb_insert_color)

>> It looks like the same stacktrace that was reported in this thread. This has
>> been reported to ppc64el AND we got a reproducer (ocfs2-tools autopkgtests).
> Can you share your reproducer? Is it a super-simple reproducer that
> doesn't require a complex setup and which can be triggered in some
> kind of virtual machine (under KVM, etc.)?

Yep, its the autopkgtests (debian/tests/*) from ocfs2-tools in bare
metal ppc64el. A bunch of "mkfs.ocfs2, fsck.ocfs2, debugfs.ocfs2,
mount.ocfs2" commands testing package. I got access to same HW that
generated the trace, I'll generate a kdump and share more data soon.

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