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SubjectRe: [ v2] hwmon: (pmbus) Add Wistron power supply pmbus driver
On 12/12/19 3:54 PM, Eddie James wrote:
> On 12/8/19 7:44 AM, Ben Pai wrote:
>> Add the driver to monitor Wisreon power supplies with hwmon over pmbus.
> Hi Ben.
> This driver looks very similar to the IBM CFFPS driver. If you think they are similar enough, you may want to simply add a new version to that driver that supports your PSU.

It would be nice to have datasheets for those power supplies.

Eddie - is it possible that the IBM power supply supports the WRITE_PROTECT
command and has a write protect bit set ? If yes, I just submitted a patch
for the PMBus core to address the situation; see


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