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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 linux-kselftest-test 0/6] kunit: support building core/tests as modules
On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 7:27 AM Alan Maguire <> wrote:
> The current kunit execution model is to provide base kunit functionality
> and tests built-in to the kernel. The aim of this series is to allow
> building kunit itself and tests as modules. This in turn allows a
> simple form of selective execution; load the module you wish to test.
> In doing so, kunit itself (if also built as a module) will be loaded as
> an implicit dependency.
> Because this requires a core API modification - if a module delivers
> multiple suites, they must be declared with the kunit_test_suites()
> macro - we're proposing this patch set as a candidate to be applied to the
> test tree before too many kunit consumers appear. We attempt to deal
> with existing consumers in patch 3.

Hey Alan,

I just wanted to make sure you're not in the dark and wondering what
happened in regards to this patchset. To my knowledge, I believe you
have all necessary acks/reviewed-bys. As far as I am concerned,
everything looks good here and is ready to go. The only remaining bit
is Shuah picking it up, and sending it out in a pull request. Based on
the nature of this series, it will have to wait until 5.6; however, I
think we can accept it into kselftest/test (we are planning on
renaming it to kunit-next or something like that) as soon as we cut
that, which should be pretty soon.

Feel free to poke us if you have any questions!

Thanks again for all your hard work on this! I think this is going to
be a valuable addition to KUnit.


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